Hello [blog] world!! Again…

Hello, all!

So I’ve given a lot of thought to blogging and I’ve decided that after 9 years of NOT being a blogger (I KNOW, long time) I’m going to give blogging another go for three reasons:

REASON #1: What I was doing in the past consisted of posting to FB, Twitter, and G+ and once or twice and I tried Tumblr and failed. I also would write notes on my Facebook once in a while and I noticed that I had been sprawling my social media all over the place and decided that if I’m going to be blogging and posting updates about my life, my art and whatever, I may as well turn my personal domain back into a blog. So here it is!

REASON #2: I have been through some major life changes in the past year and I’ve been writing about my art, life and experiences a lot more than I use to. I’m also on several “journeys” in my life, I guess you could say. I’m in the process of rebooting my company in a new place, writing a book, learning to embrace my circumstances and my role as a wife (which was really hard for me at first). I’ve also been posting about my cats, my adventures in downtown Philly (which I love) and…yeah, I’ve just been posting a lot. I need a place to put it all.

REASON #3: I’ve recently (like in the past couple years) gotten really into reading blogs and I feel like I can interact with bloggers better if I have a blog myself.

So this site is going to have other sections beside just “about me”; it’s still a work in progress and I’m sure I won’t get it all done tonight.

Oh, and scoial media links will be above right =)