There and Back Again

Home again! It feels so good to be back. It was great visiting my parents and my sister and my friends but I am happy to be home where winter is continuing into March instead of ending at the end of February =D

The flight both ways was amazing. It isn’t very often anymore that I get to fly; it’s even more rare that I get to be almost two miles up where the earth reminds me of a circuit board and the mountains look like crumpled paper. I love flying for that reason; it puts things in perspective for me and each time I get up in the air I think of how much I’ve missed it and how long it’s been since my last flight. I later found out that my dad bought me window seats on purpose because he knows I love to look down on the smallness of the earth. Little things like that mean a lot to me and it being Valentine’s Day, I found myself thinking about those little acts of love that make me feel warm inside.

When I arrived in SC I was super tired and at times, super bored; in the small town where I grew up there isn’t a lot to do and I hung out at my parents’ house most of the time. It was nice though, to be there because I got to see the changes that had taken place in my absence. My mom had had her kitchen upgraded, my three cats had been spoiled and a wall between the kitchen and living room had come down. Similarly, my old church – which I attended this past Sunday – grew and were beginning to plan mission trips for the summer, which I was glad to hear. One of my friends is now expecting a baby girl in June and another may get married next year! This all was reassuring to me because I felt that when I suddenly moved last year, a had left a lot of loose ends; but when I got back, I was pleasantly surprised that God, in his infinite awesomeness had tied them all up for me and that what I feared finding, was nowhere to be seen =) In fact, I had received closure and by the time I left, I knew – without a doubt – that I was coming home, where I belonged.

But the day before I left, on Sunday at my old church, I felt that I had grown out of SC and I wasn’t moved like I am here. But I still gained one thing: a lesson about prayer. The message that morning was about Joshua’s prayer that the sun would stand still as the Israelites took the Amorites – and it did. The moon and sun stopped that day; actually, the earth literally stopped turning. (Joshua 10:12-13) The rest of the message was about how and why this huge prayer was answered – Joshua had more faith in God than himself; his faith in the provider was greater than what was being provided. The lesson I left SC with was this: I need to have stronger faith in my God than myself or whatever I’m praying for. When I get home, I thought, and pray for things, I need to completely and whole-heatedly trust Him to answer my prayer and I need to continue to trust Him (and NOT myself) in handling whatever happens from there.

Additionally, I spent time with my friends, went shopping (you can expect a haul post soon), had lunch out a lot and essentially got spoiled, but I retained my lessons from 2011 about humility and had that one last kick of meekness to go home with.

Some “highlights” from the trip:

Delta Company

Delta Company. Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC

Delta Company

Delta Company graduation ceremony. Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC

Christie in her blues

My sis in her blues. Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC


I tried to let Max in my room with me but he wouldn’t hold still.

bcbg =)

Just one of the stores they added since I left =D

Also, my sister has safely make it to South Korea! She’s getting settled in and I’m excited to see what her new life brings =) Thanks, those of you who prayed <3 and Happy Valentine's Day!