It doesn’t matter how slowly you go…

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know that I’m writing a novel. If you didn’t know, I’m writing a novel lol. Though I still can’t decide if this novel is going to have illustrations in it or not, I drew some stuff last night for the first time since…December? Anyway, I’ve been drawing for years. I started drawing manga (Japanese comics) in high school when I got the idea for my book. Lately though, I’ve been trying to “Americanize” my style in case I decide to add illustrations to it.

The Book

The book I’m writing is a religious fiction/fantasy/macabre story about a girl that who see “monsters”; let’s just call it “RS” (those ARE the initials). I know some people will know what that means, but since I intend to publish this within the next two or three years, I don’t want to revel too much, especially since I’m still in the first draft.

I have decided this though: I am going to write something for this book each day (except Sunday, of course) until the first draft is done, then I’ll revise until I’m ready to release excerpts for review. Following God knows how many drafts, my goal this book in or before 2015.

To date I have written over 5,000 words along with some of the more critical points in the story line. Not that impressive yet, I know, but I soooo excited about making progress on this! Especially because I was really struggling with getting the first draft of the first chapter done; now I’m in the middle of the second. Success!

The Art

You can see some of my old “Japanese” style drawings (from 2004-2011) on my personal art network which I started waaay back in 2005 =)

Here’s some new stuff.

new stuff

My main character in my “American” style

I’ve been studying all sorts of comic techniques for this! The faces are the hardest thing because they change a lot but the bodies don’t really change too much from style to style.

Anyway, I wanted to share my progress with you because I thought of this, which I have on one of Pinterest boards:

don't stop

I need to print it out and hang it by my desk.

  • AJ

    Hi, Came across this blog through a link. Great thing to know that you are a writer, and working on a novel. Brilliant. The sketches are cool. and the Quote too. I believe in this though, that you cannot write thinking that you HAVE to write. It just comes to you… whenever it has to. It may happen that for a few days you do not come up with some good inputs… and suddenly on one day, you may write pages like you are going to write on and on. So dont worry… keep thinking and keep writing. All the best for the novel; would like to see it published soon.


    • Jackie

      Thank you for your input, AJ. You’re right. I do have to remember to chill!

      And thank you for reading :)

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