Stuff that makes my life easier: Web Apps

Hello, everyone! Trying out different ideas with my blog I wanted to post my first series and I’ve decided that I would share things, for home, work, cooking, etc. that ┬áhave made my day-to-day life easier. Today I want to post about the web apps that have made my life easier in general.

These are basically all management apps for keeping track of the things that I need keep track of: Shopping lists, recipes and time and tasks. If you are trying to keep track of any of those things, I highly recommend you get these. There’s all free, btw =) (and in no particular order).



Works for me! If you are also a lazy, scatter-brained artist, check it out.

Lazymeter is a task management app in its simplest form which is probably why I love it so much. It has four main categories notated by buttons: play, pause, stop, and done (or a check mark). When you load the app it goes to “play” by default and it shows you your day-to-day tasks only and you can add more to do that day if you want to and you just check them off as you do them. At the end of the day, if there are tasks you didn’t do, you can hit pause and it reminds you to do them the next day or you type in new reminders for the next day or some day in the near future. I like type recurring tasks into the pause area a couple days out.

The stop area is from things you want to eventually and you can move them to pause of or play whenever you feel like doing them. I check this only every so often when my play (or pause) area is blank.

Here’s a shot of my Lazymeter list! Lol, jk.

Lastly, the done area gives you an idea of how productive you’ve been by tracking you progress in completing your tasks overall.

I really like the simplicity of this app because I feel like, even if I have a lot to do, it doesn’t overwhelm me with tasks; it only shows be things for that day. Being the scatter-brained artist that I am, it can be hard for me to follow any sort of schedule. When you load Lazymeter (and in the screenshots) you’ll notice that it doesn’t use any times; only dates. I love this feature because it allows me to remember to do things, but I don’t have to try to keep a schedule – I just do them when I do them.

Lazymeter is currently only a web app, but there is a mobile version so it can be accessed on your phone. You can create a login or log on with your Facebook account.


Gojee is a web app (or site, if you will) that indexes food and drink recipes from all over the place and can filter recipe search based on what you have, what you rave or what you don’t have or don’t like. Anyone can search for recipes but if you create an account you can add to your “favorites” list and refer back to those recipes later.

My Gojee. Sorry about the view from my huge monitor.

I think what I love about this site is the design and, if you input any ingredients in to the search criteria, it tells you what ingredients you still need if you find a recipe you like. I love it; but I don’t love that there’s no mobile app yet =(


Ziplist is an app (web, iPhone and Android) that lets keep and oraganize your grocery list on your phone through your Ziplist account. I find this app wonderful because I can just pull out my phone when I’m shopping and see everything I have put on my list categorized by aisle. Not only that, but if you want to get really specific you can categorize items by store and you can scan the individual bar codes of items your frequently buy. As you shop, you just check things off and hit the “Check out” button (of the mobile app) and it clears whatever you’ve already bought.


Here’s a shot of my Ziplist. Love, love, LOVE this app.

Beyond that, Ziplist also indexes a ton of recipes and can hold your favorite recipes for you. You can also make new ones. Oh, and you can add coupons!! What I find really awesome though, is if I ever want to make something and I want to make sure I get the ingredients while I’m out, it will add the recipe ingredients to my list.

So there they are! And those are really the only three that I use regularly. I’m not too big of having tons of apps; after a while I feel like having too many is a little counter-productive but these really help me out.

I hope you enjoyed the list and I hope you check them out if you think they might help you too! If you have an app you LOVE, let me know in the comments =)