Spring time: 1st Flower Show

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all!

Spring has pretty much sprung here in Philly and it’s beautiful! I love to watch all the trees and flowers bloom.

As of March 11th, I have lived here a whole year! And it makes me so happy knowing that I will see our dramatic, colorful spring happen every year :D

Speaking of flowers, I attended my first Flower Show last week downtown at the convention center. It was fun! I got to get in for free because I volunteered at the afternoon tea that they have every year; I’ll be doing it next year too! Anyway, this year’s theme was Hawaii. I’m not the biggest fan of orchids and tropical plants, however. My favorite plants from the show were being sold by vendors (both local and from Hawaii).
air plants

Air plants in globes =D

I wanted one of these so bad!! I’m definitely getting one when I get a place of my own. So cute!! All they need is sun and air, sadly I’m lacking in the sun department right now =/

orchid broaches

Broaches made from preserved orchids.

flower jewelry

Preserved flowers in pendents and earrings.

I successfully resisted the urge to buy any of this stuff. Instead, I ended up getting Tristan and I a bottle of Zinfandel and a bottle of red wine for me (he doesn’t like red very much).
LOTS vino


This pic (above) I took in the morning when I got there before the wine started being sold. After I got done in the tea room, I headed straight over to the wine; there were tastings going on!
LOTS vino

Another thing I really enjoyed: Hawaiian music and dancing.

I ended up leaving the show at about 3pm. But I didn’t want to hop on the subway home right away so I walked a few blocks over to chill in love park.

The weather was MUCH nicer than it looks!

LOVE ^_^
*See LOVE statue DONE!* lol

Soaking up the LOVE after a long day. -__-;;