Tiny Houses: 3rd week of April

[1] Spring has really gotten here fast! But I fear it’s going to leave just as soon as it came! I took this picture of our first peony blossom earlier this week and now, not only are there LOTS more blossoms but ALL of them are drooping and dying from the unusual heat we’re having! The blossoms on the crab apple tree are also falling as a result of the temperature change. I was hoping to enjoy the color a bit longer and show my Southern bff the cherry trees in bloom. Hopefully, they’re still flowering =/

3rd week in April

[2] Yesterday was a friend’s birthday! So instead of my normal routine, I joined her on a road trip to DC where a tiny house was being shown. A collection of these tiny houses will become a community there called Wangari Gardens. In the picture you can see just how small it is because I caught some random kid standing in the doorway lol The house was much like the one I’ve seen on YouTube; the house and whole tiny house movement made famous by Jay Shafer. We actually got to go inside and look around. The house was just 130 sq. ft. and had a living area, bath, kitchen and loft. I thought I’d be pretty cozy living in something like that were I single (and didn’t have so many cats!). However, Tristan and I are going to be looking for something in the 800-1200 sq. ft. range in the furture. I’ve already experienced more space, and decided I couldn’t handle that much house. I’m in full support of the tiny house movement, but of the houses Shafer has designed, the largest is 777 sq. ft. (perfect for the SINGLE crazy cat lady, but not me).

Still, I was amazed by the design of the inside of the house; EVERY inch of the house is designed to be utilized; the amount of storage for space was crazy! It was actually quite educational for me, having only recently gotten interested in minimalism.

[3] The tiny house showing took place in a park. The weather was beautiful so we sat under the shade of a big tree by the street just talking and hanging out after going through the house. I forgot how much I missed hanging out with friends. Moving as hard on me. It’s always been hard for me to make friends so I really cherish the time I have with the people that I care about.

It was about 4pm before we were on our way back to Philly. I’m still amazed at how at home I feel here; every time I visit elsewhere I find myself missing my new home.

[4] Jinx was lounging on the porch this afternoon while I sat with him (I’m scratching his chin in the pic). The cats really miss me when I’m gone for a day.

  • Marilou

    Wow DC, I’ve always wanted to go! Mainly to see the White House but I’m sure there’s lots to see too!

    Btw, love the way you put these photos together!


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