Old Friends & Renewed Love: End of April

I’m so glad to see April 2012 go. This month was full of craziness. For the end of the month everything happened at once; my best friend from SC was in town and so were my parents and last week was pretty much a full week of work for me (which is unusual).

end of april

[1] This past weekend my best[est] friend from SC was in town with her mom and fiancé. We started off her visit my doing dinner at a Moroccan place called Fez on 2nd in Philly. It was delicious! That surprised me because I had had Moroccan food before and wasn’t a fan; but this was good! Our favorite part was definitely the belly dancer. I LOVE watching people do what they do. I think it’s cool to see how they do things, like dance and the way they move. It’s an artist thing lol She even invited us to get up and dance with her! Which, of course, we did :)

I wish I had better pictures! My bestie took some good ones. Perhaps she will let me post some when they make it to FB.

[2] The next day she wanted to go touring around parts of Philly with me. So naturally, I took everyone via subway to the Reading Terminal to walk though, smell all the wonderful food and eat crêpes. We spent a good potion of the day there. I was in no rush; I think they liked it.

This trip made me want to live in the city so I could do my shoppnig there. Maybe someday *sigh*.

Afterward, we walked down Market St. and did a [tiny] bit of shopping until about 5pm. I so wish we’d had more time together, but she’ll be back :D

[3] My baby Gizmo turned 3 years old last weekend! I love this cat. Here he is enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having.

[4] This is not a recent pic, however, I remember when I took it after the Flower Show last month. I thought of it again for this post because I have learned so much about LOVE this past week! Love in the form of protection, divine intervention and answered prayers.

There are seasons in my life where God just teaches me things, even if I’ve already learned them – because in my fallen-ness, I forget. I forget what He can do. I forget the authority He has. I forget what He’s given to me and who He’s brought into my life; so every so often, I’m glad He reminds me. What a great Father, Teacher and Friend!

I’m really filling the love this week, and every time I feel His love it’s always fresh and new.