First [half] of May and New post ideas…

This month is just going by so fast!

I haven’t posted in a while, I know. Actually, besides being super busy and dealing with our small car crisis, I have been thinking of new things to post like documenting my journey in throwing away my pointless stuff and simplifying my life, making room for new things that I will actually use/enjoy – like finishing my wardrobe, which is currently (and has been) incomplete due to lack of $$. OR my painting the walls, or doing another “things that make my life easier” post. Any ideas?

Anywho, here’s what the first half ( o_0;;;) of May looks like:

first half of May

[1] These past few months have been weird because of the on/off, hot/cold…ness but I’m finally starting to see a lot more color outside! Beside these big, white beauties our climbing ROSES are starting to bloom all over!! I stayed home watching the flowers bloom because my car was in the shop basically all week! But at least it’s been warm enough to sit outside the past couple days so I can enjoy them.

[2] I took this recent pic of my hair (and makeup) last week. I’ve been sort of documenting my hair growth in pictures since I started growing back out last fall. For the longest time (since I was 17) I had a pixie cut, and I loved it! But in October I decided that it was time for a change; everything else in my life changed, why not my hair? So here’s what it looks like now. It’s getting so pretty that I’m now having a hard time understanding why I cut it off in the first place.

My goal is a long, angled bob with the longest point (in the front) barely touching my collar bones so I have a while before the length is right to go and get it shaped. Getting there!

[3] Earlier this week when it was colder (and rainy) I did some baking. This cookies came out really well! I was surprised at how tasty they were. I had this instant oatmeal mix on my pantry shelf that sat there forever because I didn’t know what to do with it so I decided to make it into something edible. I hate oatmeal in the traditional sense, Tristan’s not a fan either (I have what I call “texture issues” with it), but oatmeal cookies I can do. I found a recipe online and substituted sugar for the mix and it worked!

I feel more and more confident in the kitchen every day that I cook or bake. I’m delighted by this because I never thought I’d be such a foodie. I did NOT grow up with everything made from scratch. My mom usually made things with the help of a store-bought mix or something else that came in a box. I LOVE “box” cooking too, I grew up that way, but it’s nice to start stepping outside the “box” to see what I can invent something that we like.

[4] My mother-in-law and I both were busy this week, it was appropriate that we finished out the week in Chestnut Hill. Today was my first time eating at Cake and I really enjoyed it. It’s like eating in a greenhouse and there’s a flower shop/boutique that is connected to it. Definitely going again sometime.