Neglect: Art and novel updates

I just checked, my art network/portfolio again today after a long, long “hiatus”. The fact is, I’ve been focusing on my web design company and my work in that part of life, hence the neglect. I posted this update on there, but I thought I’d post here too because I’ve been updating this site a lot more.

I started killmortality as an art network to hold all my artwork in 2005, I was 18 at the time and I produced a ton of artwork in high school; photomanipulation, photography, drawing, painting, poetry… Anyway, the site has gone through 16 versions since then and now I almost don’t touch it. The artist in me seems to be asleep for now.


Here’s a screenshot of the current version.

However, I have made progress in a few areas. First, I have decided to take the “graphic novel” potion of my portfolio down. I have done this for three reasons: one/two is that I’m changing my drawing style to be more American AND I’ve decided that my novel is going to be a NOVEL and not a GRAPHIC NOVEL. However, I am planning to illustrate the cover and I do want to release an art book sometime after the novel…when I get to that point. Reason three is that I’m serious about writing this book, therefore, I’ve decided that I need to be more careful about where I post and who sees my posts about the book in particular. In fact, I won’t even be posting chapters or synopses. I have chosen just two people to critique the first draft (they know who they are) the rest of you (if you’re wondering) have to wait until it’s published.


Some recent sketches. Spoilers.

I have made progress. The first draft of chapters one and two are finished and other pieces different points in the book have been written, I just have to fill the rest in and figure out how I want to put it together.

As for my art in other mediums (see above); as much as I’d love to do it all…I can’t. At least not now. I may do a painting here, a photomanip there as I feel like it and as I have time. I really DO miss producing so much, but I was doing many of these things 10 years ago. I’m an adult now and busy with adult things. And sometimes that’s depressing.

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    Awesome Jackie, I’m proud to be your Dad and support you and your Husbond . Love you. Dad