A visit to the Franklin Institute

This post has been a loooong time coming. I went to The Franklin Institute back in March with Tristan, his little brother and some friends from church. It was my first time going, ever.

Being the nerd that I am I really enjoyed myself although I was a little disappointed that it was so kid oriented (and it was a Saturday so they were everywhere) =/ *sigh* When I have little “critters” of my own this sort of things will be so much more fun…

Anyway here are some highlights from that adventure. Forgive the bad quality, I only had my phone…I really need to remember to bring my good camera places.
steam engine
biiiig airplane engine

Pointless, sinister looking machine :D
The pendulum is probably one of the coolest things in the museum. It swings with the rotation of the earth and knocks down all the little domino things surrounding it every 24 hrs. (one revolution).

But this was the most fun thing. Playing with momentum. Watch the video on my FB here.