June: Month of creation

What a long time for me NOT to be blogging! These posts were weekly (or bi-weekly) but last month was such a blur I didn’t do much writing.

I can’t say that June was a super “busy” month for us. Tristan and I have been working on web projects, as we do almost constantly but in the month of June I got creative for the first time in a long time, in other ways I had forgotten.


[1] I did some drawing in June, coupled with a little Photoshop…Just practicing my “Americanized” whatever-you-want to-call-it drawings. I don’t feel like it super important for me to practice drawing since I decided I wanted my novel to be a novel but I think it’s good to have it in my arsenal of talents.

[2] My major excursion in the month of June was a trip with my mother-in-law to Doylestown to see the famed Fonthill Castle. I was totally blown away by the architecture and the sheer genius of the construction. If you aren’t familiar with Fonthill, the entire structure is concrete save some mud, hay, and wood used for the impressive archways inside (Google it, it’s really cool). Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures inside.

An extra special treat was that our tour guide actually knew the people that lived there after Henry Chapman Mercer who built Fonthill as his dream house, passed away. She told us stories about what he was like and a more detailed summery of how he built such a structure. Needless to say I’ll be making another trip with the hubby. Having no house of my own makes me that much more appreciative of houses in general so I was thrilled to visit a 100+ year old mansion like Fonthill.

[3] Another thing I created in June: clouds!

This year was the first time ever that our church had VBS (Vacation Bible School). Again, having no home of my own [to decorate], I happily signed up to be a decorator for the program. The theme was SKY, which is right up my alley and I was excited. I ended up making a LOT of these clouds out of cardboard, plastic bags, fabric, and fluff with my friend, Olivia. It was a good time. We would hang out on Chestnut Street afterward, hence the frozen yogurt (which was delicious).

When everything was put together before VBS it really looked good! What a pleasure to serve!

Now I’m thinking:I may not be in the best place in my life right now but I’m sure in a good place to be useful.

[4]This is the first photomanipulation I’ve done in, literally years. Nothing special but I did have fun doing it. If you’ve been to my art site at all you’ll see some more of these things. The last one I did before this was in 2009 I think. I started doing these in high school but eventually I grew up and they (among other things) faded into the background and fizzled out.

Hooray for falling in love with an art form all over again.