Southern Trip: The end of Summer

Last month I went down south for 10 days to see my family and friends. It was a good trip; pleasantly fast flights, good food, hanging out with friends and shopping! Nothing too crazy, just your routine visit. Except that the last weekend in August my mom and I drove to Florida to see my Gram! So I was in South Carolina for about 6 days with my parents and my other kitties :)

end of summer trip

[1] When I got to my parents’ house my cats were happy to see me. This is me giving my Max a tummy rub. He’s gotten so fat! But I was so happy to see that he and his sister were doing well.

Stella’s in the lower right hand corner sitting by the door. She would NOT have her picture taken =/ lol my little princess.

[2] Pretty much the first thing I did was hit the beach with one of my best friends EVER. I do miss the beach. My parents’ house is about 20 minutes from the coast verses Philly which is a couple hours. So I spent Tuesday and Sunday of that week lounging in the sun.

[3] My parents took my to my favorite, favorite sushi place when I got in. This is my FAVORITE roll, Spicy Double-Tuna; cooked tuna inside, raw tuna on top with spicy sauce. YUM.

[4] On the way to Florida, my mom and I always stop at the Florida Welcome Center (I’ve made many trips to FL as a kid) where they give out a free cup of juice, orange or grapefruit. After getting my cup of juice, compliments of the Florida farmers, I nearly spilled it when I saw this big cardboard display with minions on it! Apparently, Universal Studios was advertising a new Despicable Me ride (I love that movie, can’t wait for #2!!!). My mom took my picture with them ^^ and we were on our way! (Too bad I didn’t go to Universal this time)

We had a nice visit with my Gram (mom’s mom), as always. She always gets me goodies from the thrift store where she volunteers a few times a week. One of my favorites is the picture to the right of me and the minions. It’s a mirror on one side and the other is this! Cute, huh? Being a cat lady I sure do appreciate it.

We ended up leaving early in the wake of hurricane Issac which pretty much ruined the weather for the rest of my stay in SC. I flew home on the 30th. My mom had to ship some of my things behind me since we had done some shopping while I was there. All in all, a blessing at the end of the summer.

Hopefully the next time I travel south my sister will be back in the US and I’ll get to see her as well.

Now, even though it’s only quarter to eight, it’s dark outside. The leaves are beginning to change colors in places, which makes me excited for sweater-weather, pumpkin spice lattes and velvet-red leaves. Bring on fall!