Lately…learning to fall.

oct 2012

I love fall. I love the brisk air, falling leaves, and changing colors. Some of the trees here turn a lovely shade of red, my favorite. However, this month has been a blur and not easy. I’ve been learning to fall again – realizing I’ve fallen backward and picking myself back up again. This October has knocked the wind out of me. There are more details below but today I’m in the process of getting up, back into a routine and making myself useful instead of laying around and wasting time.

[1] This is what I’ve been doing most of today; it’s version 4 of this site right here, a merger of and this site. I decided to combine them because I am no longer trying to branch out in a bunch of different directions. I’m just me, and this is just my site. So very soon will have been eaten up by

It sort of reminds me of how far I’ve actually come in the 7 years since was born. In a way, KM is like my teenage self and JCR is me now. The younger, dumber me finally being consumed by her grown-up version.


[2] I’ve been baking a lot, really, in the kitchen a lot. I have found such a joy in cooking in the last 2 years (since I haven’t had a kitchen of my own). I recently made my husband’s favorite fall dessert, apple dumplings (he helped).

[3] In the spirit of a new portfolio, I have been trying to motivate myself to produce more art to fill it with. A couple nights ago I was sketching and (below that) playing with Photoshop and ideas for new pieces.

[4] The first part of the month was especially draining. I guess I slipped into my depression [of sorts], which I’m now getting out of, when I received some sad news from my mother. She called and told me that our sweet Sabrina had inexplicably passed away. I had recently decided to let my mom keep her since she had, as of a few months ago lived with my parents longer than us. That and my family had fallen in love with her. Still, I was very upset when I heard. Apparently, she fell asleep…

I don’t know about some people, but to me my pets are members of my family and losing one hurts just as bad. I guess that’s part of it.