Writing & Singing & Resolve

I’ve started writing again; random things. I started writing my memoir that I was thinking about doing for about a year. It won’t be done anything soon because it’s a memoir chronicling my 20s (and I’m not quite finished with those). I haven’t added to RS recently but I’m probably going to soon. And I wrote a random song. I can’t even write music but I had a melody in my head and lyrics so I wrote it down. I may actually do something with it later as I’m getting more into music since becoming part of my church’s worship team, which I am LOVING. It so weird to me because I coasted through Christianity and church as a kid…I just didn’t ever get nurtured I guess and I just went through the motions. Now I’m doing less thinking and more feeling and progressing through song – a gift I’ve known about for a long time and I feel like is finally being used at this season in my life. That happens. It’s like I go through seasons where my gifts are in rotation at different times. Right now it’s writing and singing.

The random song I wrote in about 2 minutes yesterday is like my intro: feeling dead inside until I realize how loved I am and that my fears have no power any more (Romans 9 <3). I guess because lately I've been trying not to be afraid or discouraged. And I've been writing because there's so much crap in my head I have to put it somewhere. I'm hoping to finally be getting some actual vocal training and learning some music theory since I don't even know what the notes sound like. So I guess that's my only "resolution" this year. I don't normally make resolutions because to me January 1st doesn't mark the beginning of anything except the year, of course. So GOALS for 2013 now that I’m over my “new year blues”.

1. Get some training and put this voice to the test.
2. Write more.
3. Sing more.

That’s it. Everything else is just going to happen or not going to happen.