Memorial Day Weekend: One month!

I has now been one full month since Tristan and I have moved into our new apartment and exactly one week since we added our other two cats, Max and Stella, back into the mix. There were some spats and struggles at first but it looks like everyone is finally settling in.

Max and Stella on their way home

Max and Stella in the back of my dad’s truck on their way home.

My parents have been such a huge help to me in the past 2 or so years. They’ve been watching these two for me and this past week brought them back to us. They also bought us some things for the apartment over the week for us like new A/C units!! And my mom hauled some house-warming goodies for me as well knowing that I love good-smelling stuff!

Bath & Body Works goodies

Some Bath & Body Works goodies from my mom

I am so blessed and thankful to have parents that care about me and are happy for me.

I realize that when I was stuck in the basement I felt so depressed, like I wasn’t moving and now I’m finding that I have come very far in my life and I have made a lot of progress; but only I can see it, that’s the frustrating thing. Still, I am trying to learn from the past and be encouraged in the progress I have seen – just because it isn’t physical doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Digital progress, however, is being made. It’s slow but it looks like I may have picked up another project. This summer looks like it might turn out to be…productive?