I can buy curtains?

“Yeah. I guess.” was the response from my husband.


I am so happy to finally be making our apartment into a home. When we moved in back in April we had made a few trips to Ikea and picked up a few “decor-type things” but since then nothing has been going on; we haven’t actually done anything to the place…yet.

Then this month I got super excited about home-making again when our landlord gave us the okay to rebuild our deck (which is falling apart) and grow things in the yard. Motivation! I feel that now that we’re comfortable I am getting the desire to organize things, put away odds and ends that just kind of “sat” for a while, like our books, and seriously consider paint colors and plant types for my box garden that I want to plant outside. I will be posting all this, of course.

Today though, I went through a couple cans of Great Stuff and filled all the cracks I could find. Tomorrow, I’ll shave down all the foamy lumps sticking out and then my next project will be finding curtains for my office and the would-be entertainment area.

I realize that I haven’t shown you any pictures so when I clean this place up again and put all the books away, there will be pics…of my office at least!

Home To-Do List (so I can be held accountable lol):

  • Hang pictures
  • Fill cracks
  • Curtains for upstairs
  • Pick paint colors and paint
  • Re-paint staircase
  • Unpack books
  • Mount floor-length mirror

There are more things but the husband has to do them so I did not include them here.

Home Wishlist:

  • Two bar stools(for living room/kitchen)
  • More seating (for living room)
  • Sofa table (for living room)
  • Seating (for entertainment area)
  • Bookcase (for entertainment area)
  • TV (for entertainment area)

Thank the Lord for my “nest”.

  • You’re allowed to paint in an apartment? That is a blessing in and of itself.:) …Great job on hanging the pictures! And yes we want to see pictures!

  • Yayy praise God for the blessing! I can relate to the whole getting comfortable and finally putting things up part. It takes me a while to get going with that kind of stuff!