A Letter to my Mother

To be honest, on every Mother’s Day since I’ve been married I’ve made an effort to avoid human interaction for obvious reasons (i.e. people wishing me a happy Mother’s Day and asking me about having children). It’s been awkward since I got married and is even more so now that I’ve been married 5+ years, so I just tend to stay in and forget about it. Of course, like any good daughter I’ll call my mom and my grandmother today, but I’ll still stay inside.

Today though, I’m choosing to “celebrate” it a different way; not with spite or annoyance, not this time. No. I’m blogging about it, which I wouldn’t normally do, but his Mother’s Day is different because today I’m in awe of my mother so I’m writing a short, informal letter to her.


You might think this is sappy and weird but I’m writing my thoughts down for you today because I wanted to give you something, if only my thanks. This year I realized something: when you were my age, you were pregnant with me. That fact hit me like a brick…in the face. You are so much braver than I am. I could NEVER do what you did. My life is so different from yours in the late 80s and it’s crazy to think about what it was like to be in your shoes 27 years ago. Today I realize that I’m so, so thankful for you sticking it out and being a mom to me and Christie, taking care of us, raising us, laughing and crying with us…

Thank you changing me, feeding me, bathing me, dressing me, carrying me around, etc.
Thank you for packing my lunches, defending my honor, teaching me, giving me rides, and entertaining everybody else’s kids.
Thank you for tolerating my teenage years and worrying about me.
Thank you for holding me when I felt destroyed.
Thank you for celebrating with me when I got engaged and again when I got married.
Thank you for giving me space when I moved away.
Thank you for trusting me when I say I’m okay, despite how my life may look sometimes.
Thank you for STILL being my mom from a distance.

Remember 2006? That was the worst. I was just thanking the Lord the other day that he didn’t take you home back then, because honestly, I still need you.

Thank you for everything…I MEAN EVERY LITTLE THING, Ma. Everything you taught me is with me everyday. I love you. I’d hug you today if I could…and probably cry.

Your eldest daughter,



“And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 AMP

I thought I’d share something that I find very beautiful that the Lord has revealed to me just a moment ago.

I love Ecclesiastes, it’s one of my favorite books in the Bible. I’ve heard people say it’s dark, and it is! But I like it because I feel that it’s overflowing with wisdom for how to effectively live life in our fallen world.

This afternoon, however, I was commenting on a post about marriage and singleness and I referenced Ecclesiastes 4:12 explaining that a good marriage is attainable, not without trials and hardships, but it is possible for a marriage to be victorious in the midst of those things. I believe, I stated in my comment, that a good, strong marriage of enjoyment and teamwork [like Tristan and I share] is one that maintains the pattern that God designed: GOD FIRST, then husband, then wife. I have found, that when you keep with this “blueprint”, your troubles make you both stronger, your hardships make you both wiser and when you fall, every time you fall – you see a side to your spouse that you never knew and you fall with them, and in love with them all over again; you both, when in your proper, God-ordained places, always have an eye on the divinity of His strength and realize just how weak you both are – which only lends itself to His power.

(And I have learned this only through trail and error.)

As I was writing this, a revelation struck me: Have you ever wondered why the preceding sentence is:

“And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him.” and then Solomon writes:

“A threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

That’s not a typo. I’m not sure what Solomon meant when he wrote that, but somehow I think the Lord was referring [at least in part] to marriage.

The Biblical definition of marriage is two people with God at the center; the husband is to love and care for the wife, being ready to die for her (Ephesians 5:22-31). The wife is his “helper”, meaning that she is his second in command, his comrade, who is to submit to his [higher] authority (i.e. consider his orders for the family, and follow through) and fight along side him; God binds them together – Just as He did Adam and Eve.

I believe the threefold cord is a deeper look into the union of two people, where God is the core and the center of the two whose lives are wrapped around Him.

Bittersweet Birthday

Hey, all. I know I’ve been needed to blog for a few weeks now and just haven’t done it. I have NOT been busy, not really…just lazy. I’ve been feeling soooo lazy recently. -__-;;

Monday, the 29th of July was my 26th birthday. I did nothing on my birthday. As an adult, one of my favorite things to do on my birthday is nothing. I slept in, painted my toes, watched movies, did some cooking. Basically nothing.

I got stuff, oh yes. In fact, I got a lot more than I expect this year, which still isn’t a lot but I still feel just, so blessed by my 2013 that I can’t help but marvel at the simple things I did receive; mostly from my mom, grandmother, and mom-in-law (thank you and I love you all!). The best of all though, which I am so excited about is this (from my wonderful husband):

my sewing machine

I’ve been wanting to take up sewing for quite sometime, ever since the economy robbed us of…well, a lot of things, and I got super creative with what little we had. That, and being a fashion lover and super petite, I knew I had to try it. I’ve been teaching myself to sew by hand for a while, but now I can really get down to business. I’ll try to document a project as soon as I get to something interesting lol. I decided I’m probably going to try to making a few catnip pillows and regular sofa pillows first (which you probably don’t want to see). Eventually, I want to work my way up to actual clothes and sewing my own alterations. I’ve already started practice stitching and gathering supplies. We’ll see how it goes. I hope I turn out to have talent in this area.

The title of my post is such because, while getting things, receiving love and leaning new things is sweet, goodbyes are not. A dear friend of mine moved from Philly to TN at the end of last month to go to school and pursue a career. While I’m happy for her I miss her a lot. She’s probably one of the easiest friends I’ve ever made…What I mean is, it didn’t take long to become close; which is a big deal to me because I, not only have a hard time making friends, but I have a hard time letting people in. Still, we just “clicked” together. It’s cliche, but it really did feel that way. I’m hoping that she comes back for Christmas so we can hang out more. It’s just so incredibly rare that I find a friend like her.

I can buy curtains?

“Yeah. I guess.” was the response from my husband.


I am so happy to finally be making our apartment into a home. When we moved in back in April we had made a few trips to Ikea and picked up a few “decor-type things” but since then nothing has been going on; we haven’t actually done anything to the place…yet.

Then this month I got super excited about home-making again when our landlord gave us the okay to rebuild our deck (which is falling apart) and grow things in the yard. Motivation! I feel that now that we’re comfortable I am getting the desire to organize things, put away odds and ends that just kind of “sat” for a while, like our books, and seriously consider paint colors and plant types for my box garden that I want to plant outside. I will be posting all this, of course.

Today though, I went through a couple cans of Great Stuff and filled all the cracks I could find. Tomorrow, I’ll shave down all the foamy lumps sticking out and then my next project will be finding curtains for my office and the would-be entertainment area.

I realize that I haven’t shown you any pictures so when I clean this place up again and put all the books away, there will be pics…of my office at least!

Home To-Do List (so I can be held accountable lol):

  • Hang pictures
  • Fill cracks
  • Curtains for upstairs
  • Pick paint colors and paint
  • Re-paint staircase
  • Unpack books
  • Mount floor-length mirror

There are more things but the husband has to do them so I did not include them here.

Home Wishlist:

  • Two bar stools(for living room/kitchen)
  • More seating (for living room)
  • Sofa table (for living room)
  • Seating (for entertainment area)
  • Bookcase (for entertainment area)
  • TV (for entertainment area)

Thank the Lord for my “nest”.

Moving weeek! And the last couple months.

Sooo…another weekly/bi-weekly…*slash* MONTHLY post. I Instagrammed some stuff from moving in weekend so now I’m just going to ramble/update you about that and getting settled in our new apartment and the stuff that’s happened in the past couple months because I haven’t blogged in forever :)

First week of May stuff

[1] So I DID go to the Flower Show earlier this year. It was fun. The theme this year was “Brilliant!”, an ode to British stuff and of course, FLOWERS and lots of them. Yes, Lots of pretty things to look at. They had a huge Big Ben type-thing in the center of the room and every hour it would switch from the clock to something else, usually a montage of stuff from the UK (including Doctor Who and Monty Python which of course I got excited about lol) I DID NOT however, get to Sakura Sunday this year :/ Because…

[2] We MOVED!!! You can read about that process here. Other than that nothing much happened in between 1 and 2 except boring parking stuff and LOTS of cleaning. Here’s my living room full of our stuff. The apartment was really, really dirty and I spent many hours cleaning and organizing. Apparently, the person who lived here before us was a hoarder. With cats. I know. Needless to say, I’m still cleaning things up and trying to get rid of mystery smells. BUT it has been worthwhile because I love this apartment and I had 2 years of pent up housekeeping energy anyway. With every little thing I do, the place looks (and smells) better and better. When things are completely clean and put away I’ll take more pics and post them.

[3] Here’s a shot of my office after much work and a trip to Ikea.

[4] I’m so excited because this spring I took on a project that really is close to my heart. One of the women that goes to church with me is starting a non-profit for women based on Mark 5:41-42 which reads as follows:

Holding her hand, he [Jesus] said to her, “Talitha koum,” which means “Little girl, get up!” And the girl, who was twelve years old, immediately stood up and walked around! They were overwhelmed and totally amazed.

Curiously enough, this is a testimony verse of mine. I actually have an interview next week to share my testimony and become a part of many who have already shared theirs with the goal of inspiring women. But shhh…spoilers :)

[5] The fickle Philly weather FINALLY stabilized into spring. Yay!

[6] The cats have gotten comfortable here quite quickly. They like to hang out in my office while I work and distract me. Lately, Gizmo likes to lay in the closet though. I’ll be adding my other cats back into our lives next week! I’m so excited to see them and my parents.